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Tainted Love Chapter 3

lisabethrae Aug 12, 2011

Mia’s POV

Sofia sat next to me.

“Jack…can we please watch something else?” she asked.

Jack sighed and turned off the DVD player. He gave me the remote and smiled. I blushed. Sofia’s face was frowned up.

“So…why don’t you date?” she asked as she tried to smile.

“Randy…why do you look upset?” I asked.

“No reason. What did Randy ever do to you?” she asked.

“It’s mostly the divorce…and I don’t like Randy. He looks at me weird and there’s times when I feel like he’s coming onto me.” I said.

Jack laughed. I looked at him.

“Oh.” said Sofia as she smiled.

“Yeah…” I said. My phone started ringing.

I answered it.


“Hey sweetheart, Randy and I wanted to know if you and the Barakat children wanted to go out skiing with us tomorrow.” said my mom.

“Okay…hold on.” I said.

I put my phone on the coffee table.

“Do you guys want to go skiing?” I asked.

“Yes! A million times yes!” yelled Sofia with happiness in her voice.

I picked up the phone. “We’d love to.” I said as I laughed.

“Alright, dress for cold weather.” She said as she hung up.

I hung up my phone. I spent the night at Sofia’s house. When I woke up Sofia and Jack were already packed. We all walked to my house. Then I showered and packed up. Randy drove us to a ski lodge. Sofia, Jack, and I all stayed in one room while Randy and my mom stayed in the other.

“What should we do first?” asked Sofia.

“Uh…ski?” I asked.

“No! Let’s go boy hunting!” yelled Sofia.

Jack looked angry.

“Okay…” I said as I smiled. Sofia pulled me out of the room. I glanced back at Jack he was frowned up. I turned back around and walked around the lobby with Sofia.

“He’s so cute.” She said.

I looked at the boy she was pointing at. “Sure…” I said.

Sofia walked over to him. I watched her flirt with him. She eventually left with him. I went back to our room. Jack was watching Home Alone 2 on his laptop. I smiled.

“Where’s Sofia?” he asked.

“She’s with some guy.” I said.

Jack paused his movie and got out of his bed.

“What?” I asked.

“You let my sister, who happens to be your BEST FRIEND leave with some guy you don’t know!?” asked Jack.

He sounded very angry. I nodded my head.

“We can always call her.” I said.

Jack grabbed me and pinned me against the wall.

“If she gets hurt…” Jack looked into my eyes, and then kissed me. I wrapped my legs around him. He lay me on my bed and kept kissing me. He unzipped my jacket. He started kissing my neck. I giggled when I felt his warm breath on my neck. I started to take off his shirt but someone started banging on the door.

Jack got off of me and I put on my jacket. He opened the door. It was Randy.

“Oh…hey, is Mia in here?” he asked.

Jack looked at me. “Yeah.” He said.

I walked to the door. “What is it?” I asked.

“Oh nothing…” his eyes were no longer looking into mine, they went somewhere else.

Jack looked at him and raised a brow.

“Then why are you here?” I asked.

“Oh…I was just checking on you guys.” He said.

“Okay. Bye Randy.” He said.

“Don’t call me Randy, call me daddy.” He said.

I zipped up my jacket and slammed the door. I sat on my bed and Jack set beside me.

“Randy is a pedophile.” He said.

I laughed. I never realized Jack was so cute. I kissed Jack.

“I’m gonna go to bed.” I said.

“Alright, good night.” said Jack.

“Good night.” I said.

I grabbed my suitcase and went to the bathroom. I started changing. I heard the door creek.

“Jack?” I asked.

I could hear him laughing. I rolled my eyes and kept changing into my DOMO pajamas. I brushed my hair and went to bed. I was awoken in the middle of the night by banging on the door. Jack woke up too. He got out of bed and opened the door. Sofia ran into his arms. She started crying into his shirt. Jack slammed the door and hugged Sofia.

“What happened?” he asked.

Sofia kept gasping for air, she never said anything.

“What happened?” Jack asked again.

Sofia shook her head and looked at me. I frowned.

“Just tell us what happened.” I said. I stood next to Jack.

Sofia got off of Jack and looked at the two of us.

“You guys were here all alone.” She said.

“Not really…Randy came over. We were mostly sleeping.” I said.

Sofia wiped tears off of her cheeks.

“What happened!?” asked Jack again with anger in his voice.

“Those boys took a picture of my chest and put it in the employee bathroom. Then they started giving me drinks and making me do all this stuff for them.” said Sofia as he eyes started watering.

Jack looked pissed. “I’m gonna kick every single one of their asses!” yelled Jack.

He started going towards the door but I pulled him away.

“They’re not worth it. If they have to do that to get a girl then they’re not worth it!” I said.

Jack looked at the ground and went back to bed. I can’t believe he actually listened to me.

I hugged Sofia. “We’re gonna get those pictures back.” I said.

Sofia smiled and went to bed. I fell asleep too. When I woke up Sofia was gone and I was alone with Jack, again. 

Tainted Love Chapter 2

lisabethrae Aug 12, 2011

Mia’s POV

I barely got any sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the party. I finally decided to get out of bed. I changed into Hello Kitty pajamas and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and frowned. My mom’s boyfriend Randy was sitting at the table drinking coffee. I hated Randy. He’s the reason why I don’t date guys. I walked to the refrigerator and opened it. I looked for orange juice. I couldn’t find it.

“Looking for this?” asked Randy.

I turned around and saw he was holding the orange juice bottle and smirking.

“Yes.” I said.

“What are you gonna do to get it back?” he asked.

I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room. I got out my phone and went through my contacts.






                Mrs. Barakat

                Mr. Barakat

I couldn’t talk to Sofia…so I called Jack.

“Hello?”  I could tell Jack had just woke up.

“What happened last night?” I asked.

“I don’t know…I think we had sex or something.” He said as he laughed.

“It’s not funny. I probably just lost the only friend I have!” I yelled.

“Whoa…who said you had to tell Sofia?” he asked.

“I did! She’s my best friend and we don’t keep secrets from each other!” I yelled.

“Right…” he said.

“What…?” I asked.

“You guys don’t keep secrets from each other.” He continued.

I was so confused. “What are you talking about?” I asked.

Jack hung up. I changed into white skinny jeans and a black and white shirt that had Joan Jett on it. I put on white and black converse and straightened my hair. I walked downstairs. I saw my mom and Randy making out. Randy was looking at me. I sighed and ran out of the house. I walked to Sofia and Jack’s house. I knocked on the door. Sofia answered.

“Hey!” she yelled.

She pulled me inside and we sat in the living room. Jack was watching Home Alone.

“Did you go to the party last night?” she asked.

“Yeah…but it would’ve been more fun if you were there.” I said.

“Did you meet anyone?” asked Sofia as she grinned.

“You know I’m not into dating.” I said.

“Yeah…but why?” she asked.

I got goose bumps on my arms and my hand started shaking. Not only was I anxious to tell her what happened at the party, but I was finally ready to tell her the truth…

“I’ll tell you later.” I said.

“Well…did you hook up with anyone?” she asked.

I looked at Jack. He wasn’t even paying attention he was too busy laughing.

“Yes.” I said.

“Oh my god, who?” asked Sofia as she cheered.

“Jack.” I said.

“What?” asked Jack.

Sofia’s face started turning red and tears started filling her eyes.

“I was drunk and it will never happen again.” I said.

“You’re right! It won’t happen again because we’re no longer friends!” she yelled.

Jack looked at me then he looked at Sofia.

“It was my fault. I got her drunk. I’m sorry.” He said.

I looked at Jack. Sofia wiped tears off of her cheeks and hugged me.

“Stay away from her!” yelled Sofia. She ran upstairs.

“Thanks.” I said.

“No problem…so why don’t you date?” he asked.

I could already feel my hands sweating. Jack moved closer to me. Our faces were inches away. He smiled. I tried to tell him but started choking on my words. Jack moved closer to me and put his hands on my waist. I started laughing. Jack laughed too.

“Why are we laughing?” he asked.

“I’m nervous.” I said.

“Don’t be…” Jack kissed me. Jack and I continued kissing. We started walking but we both fell on the ground. He started running his fingers through my hair. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I heard Sofia coming down. I quickly got off of Jack and fixed my hair. I sat on the couch and looked at the ground. Jack sat on the other couch and smirked at me. I can’t believe I just did that to Sofia…again.

All Time Low: High School Blows Chapter 3

lisabethrae Aug 12, 2011

Jack’s POV

-She’s totally into me. I already held her in my arms. Game on bitch


I smirked and closed out of my text message screen.

“Alex is starting round 1.” I said.

“Are we really gonna do this? She’s a person…not some object.” said Zack.

“Yeah…but we all like her and this is the best way we can figure out who gets her.” I said.

Zack took a deep breath. “Whatever.” He said.

“Are you in or out?” I asked.

Zack looked at her. “I guess I’m in.” he said.

I smiled. This is going to be fun. I closed my garage and we went inside. We played video games and ate spaghetti. Then Alex came in smiling.

“She kissed me. Game over.” He said as he danced around.

“She hasn’t spent any time with us yet…so don’t get excited!” I yelled.

“Are you jealous?” asked Alex as he smiled.

“No…I’m just scared that you’re gonna be when I’m fucking her.” I said.

“Hey…calm down.”  said Rian.

“Who gets to hang out with her next?” I asked.

“Me!” yelled Rian.

“Fine.” I said as I rolled my eyes. “Then Zack can hang out with her and then I will.” I finished.

“Why do you get to go last?” asked Zack.

“Because the best is for last.” I said.

Alex laughed. “Come on…she kissed me! She doesn’t like you guys.” He said.

“She does too.” I said.

“Well remember this… I was her first kiss.” said Alex.

“Well I’m gonna deflower her.” I said.

“Guys! Stop fighting!” yelled Rian.

We barely knew Lexi and she was already tearing us a part. After Zack, Rian, and Alex left I went to bed. This whole Lexi experience was going to get interesting.

                                                Rian’s POV

I woke up early and showered. I combed my hair and put on my Face to Face shirt, black shorts, and black and white converse. Then I brushed my teeth and used extra mouth wash. Then I went to the bus stop early. I saw Lexi coming holding a lot of books. I ran to her and grabbed the books out of her hand.

“You shouldn’t be carrying these.” I said.

“Oh thanks Rian.” She said.

“No problem. I’m trying to lose a little weight. This is no big deal.” I said as I smiled.

“You look fine just the way you are.” She said.

“Thanks.” I said. “Maybe we can walk to school and talk more…” I said.

“Uh…okay.” hesitated Lexi.

We started walking to school together.

“Do you like face to face?” I asked.

“I don’t really listen to punk music. My dad banned it.” She said.

“That sucks.” I said.

“Yeah…I love The Beatles and I secretly listened to The Runaways.” Lexi mentioned.

“Awesome.” I said as I laughed.

“Do you have any pets?” I asked.

“Nope, I found a puppy once but my parents didn’t let me keep it. I’m allergic to cats and I had a baby shark but my dad got to keep it.” She said.

“A pet shark…that’s fucking awesome.” I said.

“Yeah…it got scared and bit me.” She said. “It only left a scar.” She added.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yep.” She said. As she took off her jacket and showed me a big red scar on her arm.

“Ouch!” I said.

“Yeah…I cried for hours.” She said as she laughed. She put her jacket back on.

I stopped walking and she did too.

“What is it?” she asked.

I looked into her eyes. Then I moved her hair out of her face.

“You had a hair in your eye.” I said.

Lexi smiled. I kissed her.

“I think we should get going before we’re late.” said Lexi as she smiled.

I smiled too. I held her hand and we both walked to school. When we got inside she let go and walked to her locker I walked to Alex and Jack.

“I kissed her and walked here holding her hand. I even got to see her shark bite.” I said.

“Zack is next.” said Jack. “

“No! I get her for the rest of the day.” I said.

“Okay…” said Jack as he walked away. Alex followed him. I can’t wait until school is over.

                                                Alexis’s POV

School went by so slow. Rian had invited me to watch the band practice after school and I said yes. When school was over I walked to Jack’s house with Rian. They played songs I had never heard before.

“Do you play any instruments?” asked Rian.

“No.” I said as I smiled. I was lying.

“Are you sure?” asked Rian.

I looked at the ground and took a deep breath. “You caught me…I know how to play the electric guitar.” I said.

Rian smiled.

“My mom let me take lessons. I wanted to be just like Ms. Joan Jett.” I said.

“Get over here and play something.” said Alex.

I laughed and grabbed Alex’s guitar. I played Bad Reputation.

“Beautiful.” said Jack.

I laughed.

“Maybe I can teach you a little song.” said Rian. I walked over to him.

“Sit on my lap.” He said.

I sat on his lap. He put his drumsticks in my hands and started moving my arms. I recognized this song.

“Are you teaching me the Friends theme song?” I asked as I laughed.

“Yep…I’m glad you noticed.” He said.

I smiled. When we finished playing we all went inside and played video games and we ate tacos. I went home. Tomorrow was Saturday and I was looking forward to hanging out with the guys again.

All Time Low: High School Blows Chapter 2

lisabethrae Aug 12, 2011

Alexis’s POV

I looked at Zack. Our eyes immediately met each other’s. I smiled.

“Hi, I’m Lexi.” I said.

“I’m Zack.” He said.

I bit my lip and Zack smiled. “I better go get those cookies to the man down the street.” I said.

“Don’t go there alone. I heard he’s a creeper.” said Alex.

I laughed. “Then come with me.” I said.

“Okay.” said Alex as he put down his guitar. We both walked inside my house.

My mom looked at me and Alex.

“Oh…hello, I’m Alexis’s mom Mindy.” She said.

“I’m Alex.” said Alex as he shook my mom’s hand.

“I met him at the bus stop.” I said.

My mom smiled. “He’s helping you deliver the cookies?” she asked.

“Yeah I hope you don’t mind.” I said.

“It’s okay.” said my mom.

I smiled and grabbed the plate of cookies then Alex and I walked down the street to a white two story house. Alex knocked on the door. 

“Oh hello there.” said a man as he opened the door.

He looked like a mix between Pee-wee Herman and John Waters.

“My mother and I are new in the neighborhood and we wanted you to have these cookies.” I said.

“Why thank you. My name is Burt.” He said as he took the plate of cookies out of my hand.

A black cat jumped out in front of me. I screamed. Alex held me.

“I’m terribly sorry. Mr. Whiskers gets out sometimes.” said Burt.

“That’s okay…it’s just that I’m allergic to cats and he scared me.” I said as I sneezed.

“I’ll try to keep him inside more often then. Nice to meet you…”

“Alexis McQueen. But you can call me Lexi.” I said.

“Well then, nice to meet you Lexi.” He said as he closed the door.

Alex and I started walking back to my house. I randomly laughed.

“What?” he asked.

“He is a creeper.” I said.

Alex laughed. “So Alexis McQueen is allergic to cats.” said Alex.

“Yeah...” I said.

“Do you want to help me with the next delivery?” I asked.

“Sure.” He said.

Alex took out his phone and started typing something. I’m pretty sure he was texting someone. I went inside and grabbed a plate of cookies and went back outside.

“Where are we going next?” asked Alex.

“To the house on the other side of Jack’s.” I said.

“Oh you’re going to love this guy.” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

“He’s a total douchebag. But he’s attracted to beautiful young girls like you.”

I blushed.

“He’ll send you all types of crap…but then you’ll just get tired of it.” He finished.

Alex and I delivered cookies all day. We finished right when the sun started setting.

“It’s so beautiful.” He said.

“I know right.” I said. Alex and I walked to my front porch.

“I had a great time. We should hang out again.” said Alex.

“Totally.” I said.

Alex leaned towards me and kissed me. It was my first kiss and I didn’t really know what to do.

“I’m sorry.” said Alex.

“No…it’s fine. I was just nervous and I’ve never done that before.” I said.

“You’ve never kissed anyone?” he asked.

“Yeah…” I said as I looked at the ground.

“That’s really hard to believe, you don’t need much practice.” He said.

I smiled and kissed him. “Good night Alex.” I said.

“Good night.” He said. I went inside and lay in bed. I stared at the ceiling and smiled.

I had my first crush already… Baltimore is amazing! 

Tainted Love Chapter 1

lisabethrae Aug 12, 2011

Mia’s POV

I started running as fast as I could. I had woke up late and I’ve never been late to school a day in my life. As I was running a car pulled over next to me. It was my best friend Sofia’s brother.

“Need a ride?” he asked.

“What do you want?” I asked as I started walking.

“I just want to give you a ride…” he said.

“No.” I said.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” He said as he laughed.

I got in the car and stayed quiet. Jack parked his car and we started walking inside. When we got to the doors I started to open it but Jack grabbed me and hugged me.


“You’re practically my sister. I can’t hug you?” asked Jack

He was being awfully nice to me. I squirmed out of his arms.

“I guess not.” He said as he looked at the ground.

“Thanks for the ride.” I said. I walked inside and went to my locker.

“Where were you this morning?” asked Sofia.

“I woke up late…but Jack gave me a ride so I’m okay.” I said.

“Jack gave you a ride?” asked Sofia with much concern in her voice.

“Yeah…is there a problem?” I asked.

Sofia shook her head. “Not yet…” she whispered.

I rolled my eyes and put some books into my locker.

“Well if he’s into me I don’t like him. Besides, I don’t need a man in my life. I’m perfect the way I am!” I said as I smiled.

“Eventually you’re gonna want a boyfriend.” said Sofia.

“Eventually is not now.” I said.

Sofia rolled her eyes. “Think about this. You dating Jack is like me dating Alex and then getting my heart broken. We both know that’s not good.” She said as she walked away.

I closed my locker and saw Jack staring at me and smiling. I rolled my eyes and started walking down the hall. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around. It was of course, Jack!

“What?” I asked.

“There’s a party tonight. If you want to come…” he said.

“Okay…?” I said.

Jack smirked and walked away. I continued walking down the hall until I made my way to my math class. I sat next to Sofia. School went by very slowly. I couldn’t stop thinking about the party Jack invited me to. I’ve never really been to a party. I walked out of the school and headed to a bench, when I got to the bench Jack was waiting for me.

“Are you coming?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Are you brining anyone…?” asked Jack as he bit his lip.

“Of course. I’m bringing Sofia.” I said.

“You’re bringing my little sister to a party?” he asked.

“Well…she’s my best friend.” I said.

Jack sighed. “…you want a ride home?” he asked.

I looked at the door and saw Sofia watching me and Jack. “No thanks.” I said.

“What?” he asked.

I turned back to him. “It’s nothing.” I said. I smiled and walked away. I don’t know why…but I think I have feelings for Jack. Whatever feelings I had for him had to be set to the side, I’m Sofia’s friend, not his. When I got home I went to my bedroom and looked through my closet. I grabbed a short black strapless dress and black stilettos. I took a nap and when I woke up I got ready. I topped off my outfit with a black bead necklace. Then I straightened my hair and started walking to the party. When I got there I saw Jack and his friends Zack, Rian, and Alex. They were all drinking in a small circle. I started walking to the kitchen but Jack grabbed me.

“I told you she would come.” He said as he laughed.

I looked at him. I was confused.

“Where’s Sofia?” I asked.

“She got grounded. She couldn’t make it.” He said as he smirked.

He kissed my neck and started laughing. “Why are you just standing there, it’s a party!” he yelled.

Jack grabbed my hands and started jumping up and down. He was a drunken mess.

“I think you should drink some water.” I said.

“NO! It’s a PARTY!” he yelled.

He pulled me to a table. There were all types of liquors spread all over.

“Hennessy, Vodka, Patron, Tequila, etc.” he said.

“I’ve never had any of these…” I said as I picked up a bottle.

“That’s a Corona. You drink that with a lime.” He said.

“Is there water?” I asked as I set the bottle down.

“Yeah…in the pool.” He said.

This party would be so much better if Sofia was here. I like Jack, but he’s just been too nice to me lately. I picked the Corona back up and opened it.

“Bottoms up.” said Jack as he grabbed a bottle and opened it.

I frowned and drank it. Jack set his beer down. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

I shook my head…maybe drinking will take everything off my mind. I started drinking Vodka and Patron. I even drank some red wine. Before I knew it I was drunk. The only things I remembered from the party were dancing, yelling, getting pushed in the pool, letting Jack take shots off of me, and one more thing…sleeping with Jack. When I woke up I was laying in Jack’s bed; right beside him. I immediately got up and put on my clothes. I hurried out of his room and snuck out the back door. I ran home. I went right to bed. What if Sofia found out what happened? I need to talk to someone, but the only person I can talk to is…Jack. 

All Time Low: High School Blows Chapter 1

lisabethrae Aug 12, 2011

Alexis’s POV

I dropped a big box on my foot. I screamed in pain.

“Sweetheart, you can’t unpack with a hurt foot.” said my mom as she laughed.

I was the clumsiest person in the world. I’m also awkward and I’m always nervous. I love playing guitar. I guess it’s my hidden talent. My parents just got divorced and my brother and I moved to Baltimore with my mom. I picked up the box and carried it to my new room. It was perfect. It had a lot of space, it had carpeting, it had a bathroom in it, and a patio. I walked out on the patio and saw that I had a city view. I loved this place already. I spent the whole day carrying boxes to my room, unpacking, and telling movers where to put stuff. I fell asleep right when we finished. My alarm woke me up. I took a shower and changed into a black shirt that had The Beatles on it, black skinny jeans, and black and white converse. Then I curled my hair. I put lip gloss on then I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs.

“Bye mom.” I said.

“Bye honey.” She replied as she handed me money.

“This is for lunch, nothing else.” said my mom.

I laughed. “I know.”I said as I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. I ran out of the house and walked to the bus stop. Two boys were play fighting there. One had black hair with blonde streaks and the other had brown hair. One of them ran into me and I dropped some of my books.

“I’m so sorry.” He said.

“That’s fine.” I said.

I got up and bent down. I guess he bent down too because we bumped heads.

“I’m so sorry.” I said. “I’m such a klutz.” I added.

“That’s okay. I’m Jack by the way…” he said.

“I’m Alexis…but my friends call me Lexi.” I said.

“Nice to meet you, this is my friend Alex.” He said.

“Hi.” I said.

“Hey.” said Alex as he smiled.

The bus came and I got on. I sat in the back and looked out the window. Jack and Alex were laughing as some kid came running to them. When he got to them they got on the bus.

“This is Rian.” said Jack as he walked by.

“Hi.” I said.

“Hello.” He said.

They all sat in the seats in front of me. More and more teenagers piled on the bus I felt crowded and nervous. When the bus stopped everyone started getting off the bus. I stayed on until everyone got off. When I finally got off the bus I grabbed my schedule and map of the whole school. Jack and Alex came behind me. Alex grabbed my schedule and Jack grabbed my map.

“Hi…” I said.

“You don’t need this.” said Jack as he crumbled up my map and threw it on the ground.

“Hey…we have all the same classes.” said Alex as he put his arm around me.

“Cool…?” I said.

“I have History and Math with you guys.” said Jack.

“Okay.” I said.

Rian came to us.

“Hey guys.” He said.

“Oh…I’m Lexi by the way.” I said.

“Nice to meet you.” said Rian as he smiled.

“You too.” I said.

“We’re all in a band. It’s called All Time Low.” said Alex.

“Cool… it’s just the three of you?” I asked.

“No we have a bassist named Zack but he goes to our rival school.” He said.

“Oh.” I said.

“Well I’m gonna go find my locker.” I said.

I walked away. They all seemed nice…but then again they were teenage boys.

                                Jack’s POV

“I call dibs on her!” I yelled.

“Are you kidding? She’s into me.” said Rian.

“No she’s into me. I put my arm around her and she didn’t do anything.” said Alex.

“She likes me.” I said. “We even bumped into each other like they do in those stupid movies.” I continued.

“One of those stupid movies like Home Alone.” said Rian.

“Whoa shut the fuck up! Home Alone is the greatest movie on the planet. I don’t know what you were watching.” I said.

We all went to class. I kept thinking about Alexis. She was so hot; all I wanted to do was get with her. After school we all went to my house to practice. We performed three Blink-182 songs and the Friends theme song. As we finished playing the Friends theme song I saw Lexi come out of her house and walk to my neighbor’s house.

“Who is that?” asked Zack.

“She’s just some new girl. She’s hot isn’t she?” I said.

“Yeah.” said Zack.

“Well she likes me so sorry.” said Alex.

“No she likes me!” yelled Rian.

Alex rolled his eyes.

“How about this…we all hang out with her separately for a while and then later we can each ask her out and see who she says yes to.” I said.

“What if she says yes to all of us?” asked Rian.

“Then we can each take turns getting into her pants.” I said as I laughed.

Alex laughed. “What if she says no to all of us?” he asked.

“Then she’s a lesbian.” I said.

We all laughed. Lexi walked into my garage.

“Hey guys…my mom wanted me to bring cookies to our neighbors.” She said.

“Awesome.” I said as I took the plate of cookies out of her hands.

“Do you need some help delivering them?” asked Alex.

“No…my brother is helping me.” She said.

“You have a brother?” I asked.

“Yeah, his name is Noah. He’s still in 8th grade.” She said.

“Cool.” I said as I smiled. Then I looked at Zack. “Oh! This is our bassist Zack Merrick.” I said.

Tainted Love (PREVIEW)

lisabethrae Aug 11, 2011

I was torturing myself by not posting any part of this! So here.


When I woke up I was laying in Jack’s bed; right beside him. I immediately got up and put on my clothes. I hurried out of his room and snuck out the back door. I ran home. I went right to bed. What if Sofia found out what happened? I need to talk to someone, but the only person I can talk to is…Jack.


I know that was really short but I'm posting tomorrow so you won't have to wait much longer! ;)


lisabethrae Aug 11, 2011

So right now I'm finishing up the first two chapters of Tainted Love and I'm so excited to post it! I was gonna post today but I school started on Monday and I've been busy. I just wanted to let you know there shouldn't be a delay and it should be up around 3:40...? Uhm...I'm also updating Did it For Love. I'm also posting High School Blows. I'm brainstorming for new stories as well. If you would like to pitch some ideas for a story I already have or don't have just leave me a note. If the idea is good enough I'll use it! (: I'll probably use them all in someway. Thanks for your support!

-Lisa <3 


lisabethrae Aug 10, 2011

So...I write fan fiction. Most of you know that. Uhm...I was wondering if these ideas sounded good to you guys. I'm defiantly making a Rian Dawson love story...I'm just thinking of plots and such now. I was thinking about writing a story about Jack and Alex when they first got into high school and met Alex's current girlfriend Lisa...who I have heard used Jack to get to Alex...I just thought that would be interesting and fun to write. Uhm...I was also thinking about writing Never Shout Never fan fiction. I haven't really seen any of that around and I really like that band...? or I love Christofer be specific! I already have some stuff planned. I'm really trying not to use the word said but I run out of words to say I just use said. Well...I just wanted to ask your opinion. I was also thinking about getting some Hey Monday or The Ready Set fan fiction...I haven't really seen much of that either. Thanks for following me and supporting me. I doubled on Did it For Love because I said I would update one night and never got to it and I had to update it again. I already have some of High School Blows, I think you're gonna like it and it tackles the bullying issue. As you can see...I like talking about real world issues in my stories like cheating, heart breaks, date rape, cyberbullying, bullying, etc. I just thought I would get your opinion (s) before I start anything new with a new band. I'm really setting my mind on the Never Shout Never thing and Rian Dawson love story...but I would love to hear your feedback! (: 

-Lisa (: 

All Time Low: Did it For Love Chapter 9

lisabethrae Aug 10, 2011

Trinity’s POV

I kissed Anthony. We kept kissing and made our way to his bedroom. We both started undressing. A few hours later I got dressed and walked into his living room. I left him a note.

                                I went home. Call me later.

                                (:  Love, Trinity

I walked out of his apartment and drove home. I got out of the car and went inside. Alex was waiting on the couch for me.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“I went out with a friend.” I said.

“It’s four in the morning.” He said.

“I’m sorry. I lost track of time.” I said.

“I took some extra days off so we can be together longer.” He said as he smiled.

“Awesome.” I said.

Alex hugged me.  Believe me, I wanted to tell him but he was so happy to have me back. I decided to keep it a secret for now.

Alex picked me up and carried me to my room. He laid me on my bed and closed the door. He lay next to me and kissed me.

“I love you.” He said.


I couldn’t even tell him I loved him. The words wouldn’t come out. The only thing I could think of saying was I slept with Anthony. I could feel the anxiety and guilt building up inside me and turning into tears.

“What’s wrong?” asked Alex as he hugged me.

I was choking on my words. I could barely breathe.


I started gasping for air.

“I…did something bad.” I said.

“What?” asked Alex.

“I slept with Anthony.” I blurted out.

Alex let go of me and got out of the bed.

“You slept with Anthony?” he asked.

“Yes…he’s Chelsea’s brother and regret it.” I said.

I felt much better now. I started wiping away my tears and got out of bed. I hugged Alex.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“No…Trinity I already told you you’re all that I have! Why would you do that to me?” he asked as he pushed me off of him.

“How do you think I felt when you did this to me almost every night!” I yelled.

“Why do you want me to go through this? I’m trying to forget about everything bad that has happened between us but you’re making it worse!” he yelled. “Why did you have to act like a whore? You’re much better than that!” he continued.

“So if I cheat on you I’m a whore. If you cheat on me that makes you…”

“Dishonest, ungrateful, uncommitted, horrible, and wrong…” Alex went on and on.

“Don’t be mad! It was my first time… I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself!” I yelled.

“Were you trying to hurt me?” asked Alex.

His eyes were watering. I never thought that I would make a grown man cry.

“Of course not!” I yelled.

“Really?” asked Alex.

“Yes.” I said.

Alex rolled his eyes.

“We’re done. I know this was my last chance, but I don’t want it anymore. Go back to Anthony.” He said as he walked out of my room.

I ran after him. “Wait!” I yelled.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I love you…this is the first time I’ve ever screwed up! You can’t just leave me right now!” I yelled.

“I’m only coming back for Kylie’s birthday party, and then we’re done.” He said.

“Alex, no! Please! I forgave you every time you cheated on me! I did it once and you hate me!?” I yelled.

“But you’re all I have! I just got you back, I don’t want to lose you again!” he yelled.

I hugged him. I started crying on his shoulder. I felt horrible. To be honest, there was a part of me that wanted to get back at Alex for breaking my heart all those times, but I never cheated on his intentionally. I’m just happy we’re together, and we’re going together. Tomorrow is Kylie’s birthday and I’m so excited. The only thing that can ruin it is, Martin and Alex. 

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